About Us

The Traditional Quality of our products...

The tradition & quality philosophy of Malatya Pazari Palanci started in 1870 in Malatya and further developed in Istanbul in the historical Egyptian Bazaar. Today, the tradition continues with a wide range of nut and dried fruit products processed and produced in highly modern facilities.

With the harmonious balance between the traditional products and the modern production technology, Malatya Pazari Palanci has become one of the largest and leading dried fruit manufacturers in Turkey.

Our company, which occupies an important place in the food sector, is a company that is sensitive to the producer and the environment, cares about human health and contributes to the country's economy with its predominant domestic production methods.

In order to build a bridge of our food culture from yesterday to today, we benefit from our research and development department, computer technology and modern automation techniques, with the support of our specially trained manpower.

Malatya Pazari Palanci will continue to distribute the traditional taste with the daily growing logistics network worldwide and will continue to develop its quality tradition through future generations.