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Dried Fruits


      Dried Fruits

      Both fresh and dried fruits are quite beneficial for human health. They are packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers that significantly contribute to our health. However, dried fruits are a bit more practical since they include a denser nutrient ratio compared to their fresh alternatives.

      Dried apricot and dried date are the two most commonly consumed types all around the world. Moreover, as you can consume them raw, they are often used as ingredients in many recipes in different cuisines.

      Our company offers the finest, completely organic, and best-quality alternatives to you in this category! As you can start shopping right now for fresh and quality products, you can keep reading to learn more about these healthy snacks.

      Are Dried Fruits Healthy?

      Indeed, dried fruits are completely healthy and most of them are even healthier compared to their fresh alternatives. This is because they offer a denser calorie and nutrient ratio when they are dried naturally. On the other hand, certain dried fruits may lose their volatile nutrients such as Vitamin C.

      Dried fig and dried plum are often recommended as an alternative remedy to many diseases in eastern cultures. However, the types you can choose from are not limited to these. Besides their health bonuses, these fruits also offer an amazing taste.

      Since they are packed with dietary fibers, they can also help you to keep you full for a longer time. As a result, they can contribute to your weight loss goals too.

      What Are Dried Fruits?

      Basically, dried fruits are the dried version of fresh fruits that we supply from our groceries. However, these fruits are carefully selected for the drying process. Depending on the type of fruit, the best alternatives may vary. Therefore, the process should be carried out carefully by experts such as Palanci.

      Our company has been offering delicious and finest quality dried snacks for decades. We supply the best quality fruits to create our products and offer them to our customers from all around the world. From raisin to dried mulberry or dried mandarin to dried lemon, you can find any type of fruit you would like to enjoy!

      What Are Dried Fruits Good for?

      Just like fresh fruits, dried fruits also offer numerous health benefits to their consumers. Although each type offers a different benefit, we have compiled some of the notable and common benefits of these snacks for you in this section.

      They are all amazing choices for digestive problems. As they can treat problems such as constipation, they can help you to relieve your stress, prevent anemia, and treat skin problems such as acne. They are all great protectives for the digestive system and ensure the absorption of minerals and vitamins in our bodies.

      How Do You Eat Dried Fruits?

      How you are going to consume dried fruits totally depends on your preferences. Most famous cuisines in the world often include recipes with these ingredients. In addition to this, most people also use them as ornaments in deserts. In fact, some of them are also the main ingredients for many desserts and dishes.

      However, what makes them special is you can consume any of them raw. In this regard, dried kiwi or dried apple can be healthy and delicious snacks you can enjoy at any time. This is why most dieticians often recommend certain proportions of these snacks between meals.

      Are Dried Fruits Good for Weight Loss?

      Yes, dried fruits are great choices for weight loss. However, there is one setback in this regard. Although they are quite delicious and offer dense nutrients, they are also high in sugar as well. This is why if you have health problems, which require you to limit your sugar intake, it will be better to consult your physician.

      On the other hand, when consumed in moderate amounts, they are perfectly safe, and they can help you to lose weight. Since they can keep you full for longer times compared to other snack alternatives, you can enjoy them whenever or however you want.

      How Much Dry Fruits Should I Eat a Day?

      The number of dried fruits you can consume during the day varies according to many factors. Some of these factors include your daily activity level, the purpose of your consumption, how often you consume, and your body index. Thus, if you are planning to enjoy these snacks regularly, you may want to consult a dietician.

      However, the general recommendation for these snacks is two bowls per day. Of course, you should not compare two bowls of dried orange and dried ginger. In general, the two bowls refer to mixed dried fruits, and depending on the type of snack you prefer, the amount may vary.

      Are Dry Fruits Fattening?

      No, dried fruits are not fattening, only if you consume them in moderate amounts. Keep in mind that these delicious snacks are packed with minerals and vitamins. However, before everything else, they are food. Just like every other food, if you overconsume these snacks, you may suffer rapid weight gain. However, if you manage to consume them in moderate amounts, you do not have to worry about weight gain at all.

      On the contrary, you can enjoy a quick weight loss while treating yourself and your appetite with delicious snacks. Thus, we recommend keeping a wide range of alternatives in your cabinet to differentiate your consumption.

      Palanci’s Quality on Dried Fruits

      Palanci offers the best quality dried fruits to its customers living all around the world. Our company is an expert in the dried fruits category, and we offer all-natural products for those who pay attention to the quality of what they eat. Additionally, all our products are freshly produced and packed to make sure that you enjoy their taste to the fullest.

      In this category, you can find all kinds of dried fruits you may want to enjoy. From salads to raw consumption, our products will add value to your diet and lifestyle! You can place an order from any part of the world and enjoy our freshly produced products at any time! Thanks to their long shelf life, you will not have to worry about running out of your snacks as well!