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      Turkish delights, known as Turkish delights or Lokum all over the world, is among the traditional Turkish desserts. This dessert, which has different flavours according to its content and outer coating, is preferred by many people, especially for gift purposes. The most preferred flavours are chocolate Turkish delights or Turkish delights with pistachio. Standard ingredients in Turkish delights include sugar, water, starch and flavourings. Apart from these, other added ingredients usually have a determining role on the name and type of the dessert. For gourmets who do not want to consume sugar and are looking for different flavours, it is an indispensable flavour.

      Each ingredient put into Turkish delights reveals its own unique flavours when combined with the special flavours added. Especially Turkish delights made with beautiful and healthy nuts are consumed with pleasure. The hard ingredients in the dessert are usually added after the soft part is cooked. Turkish delights, which is a very good duo especially with Turkish coffee, is an extremely good option to get your daily dose of sugar. Turkish delights, also known as Sultan dessert, manages to attract many people with its pleasant smell. The product, which is easy to present and flashy, is also presented by people to each other as a gift. When purchasing the product, you can choose a single variety or you can take a look at our mixed Turkish delights boxes that bring together different flavours.